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Colorful, Modern Living

Ivy and Vine seeks to reinvent classic antique pieces for colorful, modern living.  Expertly edited and restyled vintage pieces can add a historical note to both traditional and modern settings without looking out of place. Whether it’s a brass elephant or a pair of Chinoiserie lamps, Ivy and Vine’s inventory always has a story to tell and can serve as both a conversation piece and a show-stopping item worth designing a room around.

Founded by Heather Hogan Roberts, Ivy and Vine’s aesthetic combines her New England heritage and the southern classicism of her new home.   Heather spent more than a decade in New York City, working as the Fashion Director for ELLE, JANE, and Allure magazines.  Heather’s 12-year career in marketing, advertising, and public relations has helped her immensely in developing her own distinct vision, which is a unique juxtaposition of fashion and home décor.

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